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Call Log

Problem: Call center agents and managers need to track call volume and talk times. The phone system runs on a TeleVantage server, but the company has insufficient licenses for everyone to run a copy on their workstation.

Solution: Make a webpage that shows the log.

Notes: The TeleVantage client software can run reports for "queue calls" but it has no dedicated report for calls made directly to agents, called "DID" (Direct Inbound Dialed) calls. The TeleVantage client software can also pull all of the raw call data, but this report is not very useful unless you're looking for something specific, as it contains many thousands of calls per day. These report all export to MS Excel.

The following system was set up on an unused workstation in the server room.

Click the here for a sample what the page looked like. Notice it refreshes while maintaining the scroll position.