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Time Sheet

Problem: Manually punching timesheets and adding hours is tedious and the probability of making an error is high. Sophisticated time clock systems are expensive and require additional employee training.

Solution: Add formulas to an Excel time sheet to make it as trivial as possible.

Notes: This Excel sheet contains no macros. It uses circular references to stamp the time. The tradeoff is: in exchange for have no macro warning, users must have Excel completely closed before opening the time sheet file. The "Iterations" checkbox in Tools->Options->Calculation must be checked in order for circular references to function correctly in Excel. This option is automatically set by Excel when the first spreadsheet is opened. The simplest way to ensure that it is checked when the time sheet file is opened is to let the time sheet file check the box by having Excel completely closed.

The time sheet file contains these features.

Click the here for a sample what the time sheet looked like. Make sure Excel is completely closed before clicking it. Enter an "x" to stamp a time and notice the time stamp remains after deleting the "x".