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Web Apps

Problem: Your company needs a web application for a specific purpose.

Solution: Rebrand one of the many freely available open-source web applications. Open source applications are steadily become more powerful and more popular. Even large universities such as LSU are beginning to use Moodle for there Learning Management System. Such applications can be customized to suit a specific purpose.

Below are sample images of a Moodle and MediaWiki installation I installed on a company webserver (IIS 5, Windows 2000 server). These are free open-source web applications that run on PHP and MySQL. After installing, I configured them, added URL beautification and translation for MediaWiki, and created 99% of the content.


Here MediaWiki is rebranded as Earthipedia. Notice the beautified URL and customized logo on the top left. This installation allows management to delegate editing rights to specified users allows pages such as business to business contact information to be updated by any of these users in only a few clicks. Just like on wikipedia, unwanted changes can be undone in an instant.







Here Moodle is rebranded as EMOTS (Earth Mortgage Online Training System) allowing a centralized system for new-hire orientation and training, and ongoing training for existing staff on an as-needed basis. Different users in your organization can be assigned different roles including administrators, teachers, and students. Teachers can edit content directly through their browser with no need for third party editing programs. The system will automatically grade most questions (certain question types, like essay questions must be graded manually) automatically, allowing management to quickly and accurately assess knowledge of specific products or procedures for an entire group.

In addition to its own modular-based content such as interactive lessons and self-grading assessments, Moodle also allows for the import of non-native files, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Flash-based content.